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Wrinkle Injections – B Versus D

Wrinkle Injections – B Versus D

Wrinkle Injections B Versus DWith two major muscle relaxants on the cosmetic medicine market designed for intensive wrinkle reduction, there is much confusion to which product is potentially better and which one provides a cheaper treatment option. For the sake of comparison, let’s call one product Tox B and the other Tox D.

Both products are Botulinum Toxin Type A, a purified neurotoxin protein that relaxes targeted muscles. Both products are Schedule 4 Prescription Only medicine that may only be prescribed by a qualified doctor and administered only by a trained medical professional. Both products work in an identical fashion. The only major difference is that Tox B is produced by Allergan, an American pharmaceutical company and Tox D is produced by a French pharmaceutical company called Ipsen and is globally distributed by Galderma a business that originated in Texas.

There is common misconception by consumers that Tox D is an inferior product as it appears to be a cheaper alternative. The source of such claims relate to its different dilution rate which means a cheaper price per administered unit. Both types of Botulinum Toxin Type A products are a minute powder that sits in a sterile glass vial. In order to activate the product ready for injection, the powder is dissolved in sterile saline solution and mixed to create an effective blend. To achieve the same effect as 1 unit of Tox B, roughly 2.5 units of Tox D are required. Whilst the end results are effectively the same, the dilution rate and subsequent dosing differs between the two products.

Whilst medically Tox D appears to create a wider spread when injected, anecdotally patients claim that results kick in faster when compared to Tox B –  48hrs as opposed to 5 days. From a clinical perspective, the medical jury are still out on this one. This is also the same for claims that Tox D does not last as long as the effects of Tox B. For most facial cosmetic applications, BOTH products should last for an average of three months depending on patient metabolism, location of the injection and of course the injector’s technique.

As both products are prescription only serious medications, it should be up to the medical practitioner to which product is most suited for each patient. This can only be determined via a thorough consultation, assessment of the area to be treated and desired outcomes. Only a medical professional knows the subtle nuances between both products and the best injection method. Simply choosing wrinkle reduction injections based on anecdotal evidence or perceived reduced pricing may not provide the results, effect or longevity one expects.

0603_Eclipse-StudiosBy: Andrew R. Christie

Beauty & Skin Industry Specialist

Andrew R. Christie is an international aesthetics expert and educator. A guest presenter at the Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress in Monte Carlo and Cosmetex in Australia, Andrew is an advocate of laser regulation and TGA approved machinery.


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