Winter Skin Care Tips

How to maintain your healthy skin throughout the harsh winter months

While some people believe the warmer months are bad for breakouts and oily, sweaty skin, winter is actually a notoriously bad season for skin. With the crisp air and the constant blasting of heaters, our skin dries up and loses its elasticity very quickly once June rolls around.

So how do you maintain your healthy summer skin throughout the cold? Here are some of our winter skin care tips to have you looking great this winter!

1: Start with a good, cleansing facial. Your skin regime needs to begin with a bang so getting a facial at the start of any season is advised. Coming into winter its best to see a qualified clinician to find out what treatment is best suited to your skin type.

2: Maintain your water consumption. Contrary to popular belief our skin is more dehydrated in winter than any other season. This is due to many factors, including cold weather, our penchant for calming hot beverages as opposed to water and office heating. To keep skin healthy this winter, maintain your water consumption.

3: Use nourishing moisturisers. While it’s fine to cover our bodies with jackets, scarves, snuggies and whatever else you can find to combat the cold, our faces are always exposed. Short of donning a balaclava to and from work, it’s essential to apply a thick layer of protection to your face in the form of a heavy moisturiser to block out the harsh winds and crisp, cold air.

4: Exfoliate regularly. Same as any season, you need to remove dead skin cells so fresh, healthier skin can develop. With so much going onto and into our skin throughout winter it is imperative to cleans and exfoliate regularly.

5: ALWAYS wear sunscreen. It may sound ridiculous to sunscreen yourself in winter, however, it is equally as important as the rest of the year. UV rays are as dangerous for our skin in July as they are in January, so make sure you protect yourself! While it may not have to be as intense a regime as in summer, buying a high quality UV moisturiser is always wise.

On top of the above tips, always use hydrating serums and oils during winter. In summer, due to our body’s natural reaction to humidity we don’t need to however in winter we must maintain that moisture. Also, don’t neglect your lips! Cold and hard blowing winds can crack lips like a chalk so always ensure you’re armed with sun protecting lip balm to keep your kissers in prime condition.

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