The Dangers Of Cheap Laser

The Dangers Of Cheap Laser If you or a loved one were ever to become sick, you can almost guarantee that you would seek the best advice from the best doctor to receive to best treatment in the best location possible. Simply, the risk of trying to cut corners where your health is involved can create dire consequences.

One concerning trend in laser aesthetic health is the alarming practice of cutting corners, treatment safety and practitioner comfort all to save money in the short term. What can often result are second degree burns, irreversible scars, irreparable skin damage and long lasting remorse.

The laser industry in Australia is inconsistently regulated and monitored. In the state of Victoria, there is in fact no regulation, enabling any person of any background to own and operate a medical grade laser machine. How safe would you feel if the only certification your laser technician had was for accounting or glass-blowing and not for clinical laser treatments? Whilst Laser Safety Certification is essential for Western Australia and Queensland, it is a choice in Victoria. Always ask if your practitioner is a certified laser safety officer and can show you their qualification. Whilst this may provide comfort for some consumers, the reality of this certificate does not ensure a clinical education and understanding of skin and hair function and physiology. Laser is more than just pushing a button and treating, it is an understanding why certain wavelengths and parameters are set and what how that will positively react to both hair and skin. Always ask if your Laser Safety Certified practitioner is also qualified in health science, dermal therapies or paramedical beauty therapy as a minimum to ensure a complete understanding of your skin.

We’ve all seen the disasters of ‘cut-price’ surgery in dubious countries. Whilst the price may be cheaper, so is the service, duty of care and quality of treatment. Candela Medical grade laser is a clinical procedure and just as surgeons do not offer ‘groupon’, internet auctions and television shopping deals it is the same when receiving professional treatment by a qualified and certified laser practitioner. Who is your clinician, what are their qualifications, how long have they been performing treatment and do they operate medical grade machinery? Always be aware of ‘stop watch’ clinicians who charge by the minute. What happens if your leg or Brazilian does not get completed in the allocated time?

Light sabres in Star Wars are lasers, some lights in a nightclub are lasers – how can you be sure that the laser treating you is medical grade, clinically tested, government body approved and regularly calibrated by a qualified laser technician? Only Medical Grade Class 4 machines are clinically prove to provide permanent hair removal and not permanent hair reduction. Unlike beauty grade machines or substandard IPL technology (no, an IPL is not a laser), Class 4 machines meet stringent efficacy and safety standards guaranteeing their results and long-lasting effects. Such international brands names to look out for include Candela Syneron, Palomar, Cutera and Alma. If your practitioner cannot tell you the machine they use, then you need to be asking more questions. Trust reputation, trust certified practitioners, trust medical grade machinery and trust the real results that can only be provided by a professional and accredited establishment.






By: Andrew R. Christie

Beauty & Skin Industry Specialist


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