• I would like to share my journey to clearer more youthful skin. My skin started to break out a lot last year and I came to Australian Laser & Skin Clinics for treatment in Oakleigh, hoping that they could help me to get better skin. The clinician introduced me to Skin Needling, I was hesitant at first but really wanted to give it a go. I’m so glad that I did because my skin improved dramatically even after one treatment. I love Skin Needling and I would like to say thank you for advising me to go through with it. Without Mako’s support and encouragement I wouldn’t have the skin I have today. To all the people who want get a better skin and feel good about yourself talk to the girls at Australian Laser& Skin Clinics! bottom_quoteba_oak_skinneedling_acne_web

    – Sue – Oakleigh Clinic Client

  • After the first laser facial treatment I noticed a smoother and even texture to my skin. After several treatments there was significant reduction of pore size as well as a reduction of fine lines around my eyes and forehead. Even my friends noticed the difference.bottom_quote

    – Patrycja – Reservoir Clinic Client


  • I had some cryotherapy on age spots on my face & I am so happy! All of the spots are gone. Roza was fantastic & the clinic was spotless. I am looking now to see what else I can have done.bottom_quote

    – Marlene – Ringwood Clinic Client


  • I have been coming to the Reservoir Clinic for about 6 years and every appointment has been very enjoyable. Very professional staff. & friendly. I have a lot of trust in the service I receive.bottom_quote

    – Josie – Reservoir Clinic Client


  • To the team at South Yarra, I just want to say a massive thank you to Mary for squeezing me in last minute tonight due to an emergency client function I had to attend… an even bigger THANK YOU goes out to Mary for looking after me for over 18 months now! After over 20 years of suffering with the hair on my body due to POCS; trying medication, electrolysis, other laser clinics which all only led to more hair and more problems. After an assessment with Mary and explaining my history she promised it’d be different and there would be a result; I have to admit with my history I had lost all hope! BUT, after only one treatment with her there was a HUGE difference. I could feel confident again, put my hair up instead of hiding behind it and layers of makeup… I cannot thank you enough Mary. You’ve always made it such a welcoming and comfortable experience! I couldn’t recommend the South Yarra clinic highly enough, Mary and all the girl are always so welcoming, warm, friendly and bubbly! Thank you lovely ladies.bottom_quote

    – Dana – South Yarra Clinic Client

  • I have been extremely please with results on my face and hand. Happy Anniversary ALSC!.bottom_quote

    – Roza – Ringwood Clinic Client


  • The therapists are fantastic and professional. Thy provide a relaxed and friendly environment during therapy. Happy Anniversary ALSC!bottom_quote

    – Kandis – Ringwood Clinic Client


  • I have been a client for 2 years and have experienced most treatments at the clinic. The staff are always friendly and very experienced. The prices are great when you do package deals and there are always specials available. My skin has never looked better. bottom_quote

    – Rosa – Ringwood Clinic Client


  • I am very happy with the expertise, friendliness and knowledgable girls at Aust Laser and Skin Clinic at North Ringwood. I always am looked after and I trust the girls to do a professional and safe and totally ‘great results’ treatment each visit. bottom_quote

    – Angela – Ringwood Clinic Client


  • I have been a client at Australian Laser & Skin Clinics for 5 years now. I have been to several of your locations, including Ringwood  and currently a client at Brighton. I would firstly like to commend you on all your staff members. Every single employee of yours has always been professional and kind and most importantly made me feel comfortable throughout my treatments. I’d like to thank you personally for employing one particular employee of yours, her name is Carly. Thank you kindly for having such a wonderful woman work at your clinic. She is the main reason I invest so much of my money, time and positive feedback into your company. Carly from day one has been honest, funny, caring, professional and highly intelligent in all the treatments provided at your practice. Not only does she take the time to explain procedures in detail to me, she also listens to my concerns and targets what I need to focus on. Her guidance is unmeasurable as I would be wasting my money elsewhere if it wasn’t for her. I have my brother and sister being treated at Australian Laser & Skin Clinics. The results with my brother cystic acne is amazing and his confidence has returned. I also have 2 girls from my gym seeing Carly and my receptionist and a social acquaintance. Each and everyone of them have been beyond satisfied with the results and I am thankful that my recommendations were backed up with positive results from you. Please make Carly aware of what a great asset she is to your company as if it wasn’t for her, I would not return.

    On a personal level, I was recently re-diagnosed with an illness I had as a child. A muscle disorder called Polymyositis. I was beside myself and all over the place. I happened to have an appointment that day and mixed up the times. Carly and the girls were so understanding. As I work in a practice down the road I so realise how important it is for patients to keep their times and unfortunately situations arise. Not only did Carly calm me down as I was distressed, she also advised me to just take some time out and get healthy and then she was more than happy to sit down and chat with me and get my next procedures rolling. To have customer service like that is truly tremendous. I look forward to my next visit in 2 weeks with Carly and the other two lovely staff members at the Brighton clinic. bottom_quote

    – Brighton Clinic Client


  • After waking up with the dreaded tingling feeling of a coldsore I researched on the Australian Laser & Skin Clinic’s website to see if they could help. I was very concerned as I had a wedding the following week in which I was a bridesmaid – very stressful! I called straight away and the helpful telephone staff agreed that the LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) would work best. After my first consultation I came in nearly everyday for a week to receive the painless, relaxing treatment with the professional and friendly staff (Louise) where I felt comfortable to discuss the progression to healing within such a short time frame. This coldsore in particular was worse than I usually have – I took Vitamin C and Iron supplements, as recommended, healthy eating and rest in conjunction with the LLLT treatments. This combined, we managed to have the coldsore including the scab gone in 2 weeks and by the wedding day. This scale of coldsore would have lasted at least 1-2 weeks longer. It is still a little pink now while the new skin forms!

    Overall, I am very happy with the service I receive in a tough time – thank you Australian Laser & Skin Clinic Reservoir, and in particular Louise who worked with me to achieve the results I was after. Thanks again Louise for your help. bottom_quote



    – Lauren – Reservoir Clinic Client


  • At 32 I never expected my skin to be better then it was in my 20s, but thanks to only two sessions of Microdermabrasion and the amazing Derma Roller, my skin is the brightest it has ever been! I always through I had dull skin, I hated the darkness under my eyes, and redness around my nose. Now my skin is brighter , the darkness under my eyes seems to have gotten significantly better, and the redness around my nose is almost gone (thanks to the laser you did on me). And still no wrinkle injections!! Yay! I have the best skin therapist! Thanks Alishia ! bottom_quote

    – Brighton Clinic Client


  • I have been a client of your clinic for a few years now and have had a few different clinicians in that time. They were all lovely and very professional. As of the start of this year Roza has been my clinician and I will only see her for my appointments. Rosa is so professional and efficient, she always smiles and makes me feel comfortable and welcomed. Rosa is very aware of my levels of comfort and very caring, she is such a pleasure to deal with as a person and a professional. Rosa in my opinion is an asset to your company and I highly recommend her. bottom_quote

    – Mani – Ringwood Clinic Client


  • I Rouba would like to express my appreciation to Olivia ( treating staff) working at your Reservoir clinic. Olivia is such a wonderful person who kept me engaged during my treatment, she expressed extra care and concerns in such amazing way. I felt well looked after while she was treating me. I would like to praise her because she could build up confidence and trust in her. Finally, I am very happy with the care and treatment she provided me while keeping me entertained.  bottom_quote

    -Rouba – Reservoir Clinic Client


  • I have been visiting the South Yarra clinic for a few months now and I am very happy with the results I have been getting with laser. Every time I walk in the salon I am welcomed by the friendly staff they are all very helpful and kind. Mary does my treatments every month and she is doing an amazing job. She is so thorough in her work and she has been very helpful in answering any questions I have. She goes above and beyond to make my appointments comfortable and pain free. I have recommended the South Yarra clinic to many friends and family and I look forward to continuing my treatments there. bottom_quote

    – Mariann – South Yarra Clinic Client


  • All the ladies that looked after my appointments were very kind & friendly, no complaints at all. The first few laser treatments were a tad painful but as the treatments went on it just felt less & less. The treatment feels a lot like little elastic bands shooting against the skin, just not as painful. Overall my experience with the laser clinic has been great along with my progress which I’m extremely happy about. bottom_quotebeforeafter_oak_laserfacial_freckles_web
    – Oakleigh Clinic Client


  • I wanted to take the time to write about your wonderful worker Kellie from Moonee Ponds. She is such an asset to this company. I have spent so much money at Moonee Ponds Laser Clinic because of the professional, comfortable, understanding, hard working service I receive from Kellie. I look forward to my appointments because I get to spend an hour feeling comfortable with someone whilst trying to remove scaring or hair removal. I have worked in retail for over 6 years now and I understand the importance of putting the customers first. Since day one Kellie has gone above and beyond to help me and listen to what I wanted to fix up on my body.

    I am so impressed by the treatment I have received. My scarring is going, my body is smoother without all that unwanted hair and thanks to Kellie and the Australian Laser & Skin Clinic I’m finally becoming a much more confident me!

    Thank you Kellie for being nothing but perfection. You truly brighten my day! bottom_quote

    – Jessica – Moonee Ponds Clinic Client


  • I would like to thank you for all of your assistance and advice over my past visits to Australian Laser & Skin Clinic in Brighton.  I cannot recommend your services enough and have told many of my friends, and even colleagues about the high level of service and ethical advice you’ve provided.  Your honesty in regards to treatments and products available, delivered in an easy to understand way has made it an easy decision to continue returning to the clinic.I could not recommend your advice enough and look forward to my next appointment in the coming weeks.  Please pass on my thanks to the other staff at Brighton who have been so helpful and welcoming on every visit.  You and the team certainly offer the level of service which will be strongly rewarded with referrals and loyalty.  bottom_quote– Brighton Clinic Client


  • Couldn’t be happier with the results! The friendly staff made my visit enjoyable and comfortable. My skin has never felt and looked this good. I am truly grateful for the service and results achieved from my treatments. Thank you to the beautiful ladies at Australian Laser & Skin Clinics.   bottom_quotebeforeafter_tt_micro_peels_acne_web

    – Reservoir Clinic Client


  • I have suffered from eczema and extremely dry skin for as long as I can remember and I finally decided to do something about it after a really bad break out on my face and neck. After just 3 treatments of LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) and diligently using the skin products recommended by my excellent skin clinician, my skin was on the mend! The extremely red, itchy and inflamed skin on my face and neck was, to my amazement, clearing up. My 5th session saw an even more dramatic improvement. My skin looked smooth, clear, hydrated and eczema free -better than it has looked in over a year! You can just imagine my relief and excitement!
    I am amazed with my results. In only a short 3 weeks, the ridiculously unsightly and uncomfortable eczema was completely gone! I highly recommend this painless treatment to anyone suffering from eczema related skin conditions. The clinicians at the Australian Skin & Laser Clinic are amazing, very professional and they will ensure that you get the most out of your treatment.  bottom_quote beforeafter_tt_lllt_dermatisits

    – Marina – Reservoir Clinic Client


  • I just wanted to provide you with some feedback after my first Laser Hair Removal with Kim last night. Honestly that lady deserves a pay rise, I have never had such a beautiful experience in regards to my beauty regime. She was warm, friendly, kind and gentle. I have recommended her and your company to all the women in my life and will continue to do so.

    As a customer my loyalty always comes from my experience and I can guarantee I will look nowhere else purely because of Kim. Thank you for employing such incredible nurses.  bottom_quote

    – Tyla – Ringwood Clinic Client


  • The Low Level Laser treatment helped reduce the burns I received from the laser hair removal treatment I had at another laser clinic centre. I had blisters and scarred skin on my arms and legs but after Low Level Laser treatments and the ointments I used, they reduced significantly. The treatments are safe and the staff always double check and are very thorough with your consultation because they want what’s best for you and to prevent damage.  bottom_quote

    – Oakleigh Clinic Client


  • Alisha has been my therapist at the Brighton clinic for the last couple of years. I have had all my Laser Hair Removal and Microdermabrasion treatments with her (and had amazing results!). I couldn’t ask for a better suited therapist for myself. She is a very down to earth person, and has such a caring and friendly nature. She always takes an interest in my life and makes me feel very comfortable in my appointments. I would recommend anyone I know to Alisha. Thank you for being such a wonderful therapist.  bottom_quote

    -Brighton Clinic Client


  • I’ve recently had Laser Hair Removal from Australian Laser & Skin Clinics on various parts of my body. The treatment was so successful, and the staff were incredibly informative and professional. Highly recommended. bottom_quote

    – Ashleigh – Moonee Ponds Clinic Client


  • Over the years I have had waxing and IPL treatment for hair removal , and now laser , and I must admit that the LASER treatment is without doubt the best thing I’ve have ever had done . The results were immediate , unlike IPL , now I don’t have to worry about unwanted hair. The staff at Australian Laser & Skin Clinics were fantastic and always helpful and courteous. The pricing was more than fair considering the money I’ve spent on other treatments . VERY VERY HAPPY ! bottom_quote

    – Peter – Reservoir Clinic Client


  • Chelsea’s skin was very bad with acne & scarring. As parents we were deeply concerned as it affected her confidence & appearance. Chelsea researched skin care & came up with Australian Laser & Skin Clinics which advertised treatment for her skin condition. We as parents were sceptical as the cost was significant & we were unsure as to the effectiveness of the treatment. We decided that despite our reservations & the 6 hour round trip to get to Oakleigh, that we would go ahead with the treatment right from the first treatment of skin needling the results were quite remarkable. We are currently half way through the treatment & the acne has gone and the scarring has reduced to the point that i have mistakenly thought that Chelsea has had make-up on. We are very hopeful and confident that by the end of the treatment that Chelsea’s face will be predominantly scar free. This would be tremendous result from where we started. Along with this the consultant /specialist Mako was very encouraging & professional and gave us great confidence from the very beginning. I would strongly recommend Australian Laser & Skin Clinics to anyone in a similar circumstance to ours. bottom_quote

    – David – Oakleigh Clinic Client

  • I have used The Australian Laser & Skin Clinics (Ringwood North) on and off for years, particularly regarding my hormonal acne breakouts. When I was introduced to LLLT therapy by my therapist Suzi, after a while, I discovered my acne flare ups weren’t so frequent. Suzi also recommended I use several really great products from ASAP and Skinstitut range as a secondary treatment and eventually I was able to maintain my skin myself.

    Recently however, I returned to the clinic after my acne went absolutely ballistic and uncontrollable, never being this way before. It was the worst it has ever been! I am almost 33 years of age and I am suddenly breaking out like a teenager. My skin was inflamed and very sore. I was so happy to discover I was booked in with Suzi again. She knew my history with hormonal acne so it helped matters. Instead of Suzi suggesting a whole bunch of treatments that may become pricy over time, she explained she wanted to start by treating the problem internally – the problem being too much bad bacteria in my gut and also my lymph nodes weren’t filtering toxins properly. So, I was encouraged to take vitamin supplements (supplied by Australian Skin & Laser Clinics) from a company called BioCeuticals. These vitamin supplements really pack some punch because in three weeks, my skin started to heal up. By week 4, I wasn’t breaking out so much and so, Suzi told me she could start tackling my skin externally with a course of medical grade peels but also introduced me to a couple of other BioCeutical products (Zinc and a hair skin and nails supplement that has helped maintain my healthy skin and improve my immune system). After three courses of peels my skin was now looking amazing! We are now currently aiming to minimise my scarring with a combination of peels and derma roller treatments. I am so happy I made the decision to return to such a clinic where the therapists hold a wealth of knowledge regarding skin and the over all health of our bodies. You never feel like a burden and the therapists always take their time helping you combat the skin issue at hand. I would totally recommend Suzi and  Australian & Laser Skin Clinic to anyone who wants a solid understanding as to why they are (in this case) breaking out. This company is definitely not a “take your money and run” type of company like many I’ve heard about. They care about your wellbeing. bottom_quote

    – Erin – Ringwood Clinic Client


  • I would like to recommend the Australian Laser & Skin Clinic in Brighton. I have been receiving Laser Hair Removal, and the treatment has been the least painful I have tried (including waxing and IPL). The staff are all friendly, efficient and professional. The rooms are clean and pleasant. The overall experience is exactly what you want from a laser treatment clinic! bottom_quote

    – Brighton Clinic Client


  • As a 17 year old male, I felt a little embarrassed to visit a clinic and admit I was unhappy with the appearance of my skin. I was fed up with letting my skin concerns reflect my mood and self esteem on a daily basis. My pimples were painful, inflamed, pussy and really obvious. I am so happy I built the courage and visited the Australian Laser & Skin Clinics in South Yarra. All the staff are genuinely nice and care to help. With their knowledge in homecare and experience in clinic treatments, my skin is on the road to recovery and I can’t be happier! I’m excited to begin my course of Dermapen treatments to target the very few scars and random minor pimples remaining. bottom_quoteba_sy_dermapen_acne_web

    – South Yarra Clinic Client


  • I have been attending the Reservoir clinic for the past 3 treatments of Laser Hair Removal and I cannot be any happier! The service is fantastic, and the treatment works! I no longer suffer from ingrown hairs. I would definitely recommend the Australian Laser & Skin Clinics to all my family and friends! bottom_quote

    – Natasha  – Reservoir Clinic Client


  • I am thrilled that I have had Laser Hair removal at your Moonee Ponds clinic. I have used other companies in the past and none have been as pleasant and profession as Australian Laser & Skin Clinics. So quick, painless and fabulous. I only pop in from time to time now to have maintenance however I would never consider another company.bottom_quote
    – Fiona  – Moonee Ponds Clinic Client


  • My name is Domenic and I have been having laser for a few months at South Yarra and I just wanted to say how happy I have been with the friendly staff. They are all so nice and welcoming. Mary has been doing my laser each time and she is a lovely therapist, so friendly. It’s a pleasure walking in there each time for my appointments and my hair removal results have been outstanding.  bottom_quote

    – Domenic – South Yarra Clinic Client


  • I had struggled with congested skin for a while and nothing I tried seemed to fix it, particularly for my forehead. So when my clinician recommended I do microdermabrasions, I was sceptical. However, she wasn’t wrong when she said I would get addicted! It instantly made my skin feel smoother and lighter around my other problem areas on my chin and cheek. My forehead was clearing up slowly but when she decided to join a chemical peel with a microdermabrasion, it was the perfect recipe to finally give me a forehead I can now feel comfortable with and I am very thankful.  bottom_quotebeforeafter_tt_micro_congestion_web

    – Anita – Reservoir Clinic Client


  • I just wanted to say thank you for my previous course in laser hair removal! I recently had a great honeymoon where I didn’t have to worry about a hairy thing whilst lying by the pool! Thanks for a fantastic and friendly service. bottom_quote

    – Brighton Clinic Client


  • My daughters and I have been going to your Reservoir clinic and are really happy with the treatments as well as the care and attention to detail your staff members take with customers. The staff there are always happy, smiling, go out of their way to make us (customers) really happy and pleased with the way they deal with us and treat us as well It’s always a pleasure to go to the Reservoir clinic knowing we will be looked after really well. Thanks to all the girls there, keep up the good work. bottom_quote

    – Zarine – Reservoir Clinic Client


  • To whom it may concern, I have been a client of Roza Rohani for some time and have had excellent treatment from her. Her attitude and expertise is outstanding. Her friendliness and knowledge of skin treatment is second to none. I have been a happy client and she has always put a smile on my face. bottom_quote

    – Collette – Ringwood Clinic Client


  • When we first came to visit the Australian Laser & Skin Clinics we had our reservations about whether the treatment will help as we tried various skin products with no results. We even went to visit a dermatologist with minimum results. We first started with Micro and Laser Facial and after a few visits we were able to see minute results. After a few more treatments the results started to show. Acne was disappearing and blackhead scarring started to go away.

    After Dermapen treatment the results became even more evident. My skin started to look better and the scarring started to go away.

    I recommend this treatment to everyone that is sceptical as I have began to see considerable results. bottom_quoteba_oak_dermapen_acne_web

    – Oakleigh Clinic Client


  • Hi my name is Theresa and I have been to the clinic in South Yarra for a few months now, the staff are all so kind and informative. I am from New South Wales and travel to Melbourne frequently and once a month I visit the clinic with my family to have treatments and usually they are with Mary. Mary has been so wonderful, she is an excellent therapist and is so friendly. I look forward to seeing the staff next time I visit. bottom_quote

    – Theresa – South Yarra Clinic Client


  • I am extremely happy with the treatment I receive when attending my appointments, particularly by Jess from the Reservoir clinic who has been treating my skin for a few years now. I could not be happier and more pleased with the results of the treatment. I have tried so many things and products over the years but nothing has worked like the treatment and products I receive from your clinic. The positive results of the treatments, as well as the welcoming staff is what keeps me coming back!bottom_quote

    – Michelle – Reservoir Clinic Client


  • I have been a client of the Brighton clinic for a few years now. All the girls are always super friendly and professional. I travel from Springvale to Brighton because of them and the excellent service they provide. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!   bottom_quote

    –  Brighton Clinic Client


  • Suzi at Ringwood is my “go-to-girl” whenever I need to feel fantastic with a little freshen-up. No matter what the treatment, I know I’m always in very safe, experienced hands.  At 52 it’s such a boost to be complemented on how nice my skin is from friends and strangers alike. Suzi always manages to find the perfect treatment and product selection for my skin. Thanks Suzi and Australian Laser!   bottom_quote

    –  Alison – Ringwood Clinic Client

  • I stopped and started with Laser Hair Removal and can see the difference as soon as I started again, I enjoy going to my appointments, I never feel nervous or uncomfortable, the service I have experienced is definitely among the best I have had, the friendliness of the staff and how thorough they are no matter how many questions you ask. I highly recommend Laser Treatment.bottom_quote

    – Sarazzz

  • I have been a regular at the Australian Laser & Skin clinics for approximately 18 months. Suzi and the team at the Ringwood clinic are always welcoming, informative and take great care for their clients. They always ensure you feel comfortable in every session.  I highly recommend the Australian Laser & Skin clinics for their professionalism and the results have been life changing. Thanks Suzi for such a great experience! bottom_quote

    – Lauren – Ringwood Clinic Client


  • First many thanks for your excellent laser service . I really appreciate the great treatment , customer service and wonderful environment . You will never know what a remarkable blessing you have been to my life. At times of great difficulty, you brought satisfaction and comfort to my life. I am so privileged to be your patient. Thank you so much for wonderful service. bottom_quote

    – Sonpreet 


  • My name is Pooja and a recent satisfied & happy client of Australian Laser & Skin Clinics Reservoir.

    I came to clinic in October 2015 for my acne and dark spots treatment as one of friend recommended this place. Before contacting the laser clinic, I went to the doctors, but no use. Then I contacted Reservoir clinic. On my first appointment I was very satisfied with the way Louise explained my skin problem to me. After my consultation, I made my mind that I will go with the needling treatment.

    This skin treatment nearly took 3 months (I was actually struggling to get an appointment due to too busy schedule of clinic and mine as well). During this process, I used some skin products (cleanser, serum and some medicine) as per clinic instructions (still using and going to use forever), and the results were amazing.

    Now there are no more breakout and dark spots on my skin. My skin is shining and looks more hydrated. Only one question I am facing these days from everyone (which I am happy to answer) is what I am doing with my skin.  It’s not a compliment to me but for Australian Laser & Skin Clinics.”  bottom_quote


    – Sonpreet 


  • The girls at the Brighton clinic are amazing! The service you will get here is exceptional. The clinic utilises the latest laser technology so you are getting the best treatments available. I highly recommend you book your next treatment here and see for yourself what all the hype is about! The service the Brighton girls provide is none other but exceptional. Doesn’t matter who’s at the front desk you are always welcomed by a happy face and a genuine hello. I was nervous at the start having treatments done that are somewhat invasive but I’ve felt nothing but utmost professionalism from the staff.

    I have been getting my treatments done there for some time now and would recommend their amazing service to everyone. bottom_quote
    – Pooja – Reservoir Clinic Client


  • I can’t believe in one treatment how much improvement I have seen in a condition that I have suffered with over 23 years!!! Having POCS going to numerous doctors & specialist changing medications, pills, creams, electrolysis trying to treat the hair on my face only gaining more problems with the side effects… When I came to see you and you were telling me how it would help I was like yeah right lol having been let down so many times I thought it was impossible…but one treatment freed me from hours in the morning of plucking hairs shaving and putting on layers of make up to hide my face!!! I can touch my face for the first time and not feel stubble feeling ashamed!!! You have treated me with compassion and made me feel welcome from the moment I walked in the door Louise, thank you for everything I am excited for my future I have been held back with so many hours wasted in my day trying to get rid of the hair and days lost to hiding at home to give my face a break from plucking and shaving over the 23 years you can imagine how much time I’ve lost! I am planning on going to full time study next year!! Full time now that the hair on my face doesn’t need my full time attention!!! Oh and can’t wait for the time I’m in my next relationship with a guy no more anxiety about him touching my face or going out in daylight or weekends away!!! I don’t care if the hair reduction isn’t permanent the fact that the management is so easy with laser makes me the happiest girl on the planet  thank you thank you thank you!  bottom_quote

    – Reservoir Clinic Client


  • I started having Laser Hair Removal with Jackie and I can’t tell you how happy I am. Although I have just started and am yet to reap the full results, I am so happy with my decision to go a head with laser. Jackie is amazing and I am so blessed that I found her to do my treatments. She’s down to earth, funny and so easy to get along with. She fully explained the whole procedure to me, and ensured I was comfortable throughout all of my treatments. Australian Laser are incredibly lucky to have such an amazing person working for their company. I have referred many of my friends to the clinic and specifically to see Jackie.   bottom_quote

    –  Kirsty – South Yarra Clinic Client

  • I have been a client of the Brighton clinic for a few years now. All the girls are always super friendly and professional. I travel from Springvale to Brighton because of them and the excellent service they provide. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!   bottom_quote

    –  Brighton Clinic Client


  • Hi Roza, just wanted to “thank you”. You were always on time and very professional. I came and saw you for a couple of pigmentation marks on my face and hand and ‘age spots’ on my stomach and under my arm. The mark you removed from my face, now makes me able to know people are looking at me when they talk and not at the mark on my face and the biggest ‘age spot’ which you removed on my stomach has now nearly disappeared and l don’t have to think about it anymore. I know as l age l will get more marks and spots and will not hesitate to come back and see you.   bottom_quoteba_rw_cryo_skintagweb

    –  Ringwood Clinic Client

  • Over a course of LLLT treatments on my face for broken capillaries I noticed that the blue veins under my eye area that were significantly enlarged have considerably reduced in size. The overall skin texture and appearance of the translucent skin under the eye area has greatly improved. I will continue with the treatments and recommend them to anyone who wants to dramatically improve the appearance of unsightly veins. Thank you Louise.   bottom_quote

    –  Grace – Reservoir Clinic Client


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