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Stop Wasting Time Waxing & Shaving – Rid Yoursel

Stop Wasting Time Waxing & Shaving – Rid Yourself of Unwanted Body Hair Permanently!

Picture this…

It’s the first warm weekend of Summer, the phone rings, it’s the inevitable “Let’s go to the beach!’

You rush to change into your bathers and you’re feeling good. Oh oh! You look down and ladies you’ve forgotten to shave your legs, or guys, your chest is well overdue for a wax!

Now you have to spend 15 minutes of your beach time to shave and risk nicks, cuts and the irritation your freshly shaved skin will no doubt get when it hits the saltwater!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could bypass all that and be hair free ALL year round? The Australian Laser & Skin Clinics can help you achieve permanent hair removal!

Permanent Hair Removal means..

  • Painful and expensive waxing
  • Time wasting shaving

Messy depilatory creams

Laser Hair Removal is without a doubt the number one option for permanent hair removal and with good reason!

Permanent Hair Removal by laser means a life without painful waxing, threading and epilating and no more bothersome shaving!

All of us lead busy lives and sometimes it can be hard to find time for grooming! Laser Hair Removal is an extremely quick and long lasting procedure It only needs to be performed every 8-10 weeks! That works out to be approximately 6 treatments per year. In just 4-8 treatments the majority of our clients will achieve 80% or greater permanent hair removal. We think this means great long term value for money a s well!

Laser Hair Removal is fantastic for reducing unsightly and painful ingrown hairs. Our Class 4 Medical Grade Lasers remove long term ingrown hairs that may have appeared from previous waxing or shaving and prevent future ingrown hairs from appearing. Permanent hair removal means you can say goodbye to nasty ingrowns!

We mustn’t forget the pain factor! Certain areas of the body that are more delicate than others and waxing pulls the skin which can cause discomfort, bruising and sometimes bleeding. It can also lead to redness, swelling and a rash. With laser hair removal the only pain you’ll feel is the sensation of an elastic band lighting flicking the skin and we’ve had feedback from many of our clients that laser hair removal is actually less painful than waxing! Experience less pain with permanent hair removal by laser!

If this hasn’t convinced you what will?! To find out more about permanent hair removal please call our Client Care Centre on 1300 786 166 and book your free consultation.


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