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Skin Loving Supplements – Creating Better Skin F

Skin Loving Supplements – Creating Better Skin From The Inside Out

WheatGrassPic In a perfect world, we would all follow balanced diets, eating appropriate portions at ideal times throughout the day. Such balance would include representation from all five food groups, guaranteeing recommended daily intakes of vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Of course in this perfect world, we would never get sick and our skin would perpetually glow with youthful zest and lustre…

The reality of a modern lifestyle and diet is far from the ideal perfect world. Long work hours, minimal break time, enduring fatigue and the easy allure of fast, highly processed convenient food. Just as a hectic lifestyle and imbalanced diet can affect health, energy and daily function, it too can affect skin quality contributing to dehydration, inflammation, breakouts and sensitivity.

Whist a long term skin solution goes beyond popping a mere pill, there are a host of health supplements that can assist in equalising imbalanced function to provide a short-term solution.

  • Essential Fatty Acids. Including Omega 3s, EFAs contain natural phospholipids to condition, protect and reduce inflammation. The old adage “fish is food for the brain” has never been truer. The membrane (or coating) of every cell in the body (including skin and brain cells) are naturally rich in phospholipids. Found in fish, krill, evening primrose and avocado oils, a daily dose of EFAs can provide relief for dry, dehydrated, irritated and inflamed skins.
  • Alkalinisers. When the body’s pH becomes imbalanced due to alcohol, fatty foods and acidic diets; redness, flushing and sensitivity may quickly follow. Rosacea and inflamed conditions become further aggravated with increased body acidity. Whilst all green vegetables (especially broccoli) assist in re-alkalinising our internal system, a daily dose of liquid chlorophyll, spirulina, wheat grass or vital greens can provide relief for sensitised, reactive and itchy feeling skins.
  • Zinc. When androgen hormones get out of control, their powers can increase, creating the formation of super testosterone. This elevated form is a trigger for excess sticky oil production that can contribute to breakouts, pimples and acne. Zinc supplements can assist in rebalancing androgen hormones whilst providing elevated skin healing and defence. Recommended for both males and females, results may benefit chronic acne, whiteheads, blackheads and excessively oily conditions.
  • Electrolytes. When your body is dehydrated do you drink water, flat lemonade or an electrolyte rich sports drink to deliver maximum hydration? Electrolytes are natural salts that bind water more effectively than water itself to relieve the symptoms of dehydration, dryness and tightness. Rather than reaching for a sugar-laden sports drink, electrolytes can be found in many post-nausea supplements to restore hydration balance and bind water for longer-lasting moisturisation. Great to combat excess alcohol and caffeine consumption.

Whilst adhering to a balanced diet will provide the body with the required nutrients to ensure systemic regulation, during particularly hectic, busy and stressful times, a boost from the right supplement can assist in restoring equilibrium faster. Always have a chat to your health care professional to ensure the right advice.





By: Andrew R. Christie

Beauty & Skin Industry Specialist



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