Neck Ageing

Neck Ageing

The neck area receives as much environmental exposure and sun damage as the face leading to ageing on the face and back of the hands. Some of the most accelerated signs of ageing on the neck are sagging, wrinkles and pigmentation. Factors that accelerate ageing of the neck area include:

  • Genetics
  • Sun damage
  • Application of perfume (which can create skin hyperpigmentation)

These factors combined with loss of collagen and elastin and accumulation of fat, the neck and the décolletage areas are particularly prone to signs of ageing that can lead to:

  • Pigmentation and Sun Damage: Age spots, freckles and discolouration from the sun
  • Neck Fat and Sagging Skin: This leads to the dreaded double chin
  • Lines and Wrinkles

Neck Bands: When the muscles in the middle of your neck start to sag and distort the neck shape.

Neck Ageing Treatment Solutions

Australian Laser & Skin Clinics provides a number of anti-ageing treatment programmes to address and treat all types of neck ageing, which include:

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers have the ability to instantly firm and create a youthful looking neck. Dermal fillers consist of a natural product  that provides the neck with fullness and decrease neck skin laxity. The result is instantly revitalized, tighter skin and the reduction in fine lines or wrinkles on the neck. Treatment may also be performed to increase skin hydration and to re-densify gaunt or veiny skin. For more information please click here.

Wrinkle Reduction Injections

Wrinkle Reduction Injections provide firming, lifting and tightening treatment for the neck area and are especially effective on neck bands. The injections of the muscle relaxant, blocks nerve signals and reduces muscular contraction, resulting in the reduced appearance of neck bands and a lifted neck and jawline area.

Photo Rejuvenation

Photo rejuvenation is a highly effective, non-invasive treatment performed to combat uneven skin tone and pigmentation that can occur on the neck. Utilising a specific light designed to target neck pigmentation, the light is transformed into heat energy that can treat the areas of uneven skin tone and pigmentation without harming the skin’s surface. For more information on Photo Rejuvenation please click here.

**Photo Rejuvenation is most suitable for fair complexions, olive to very dark skin tones are not suitable for treatment**

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