Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement

The aging process affects not only skin texture and tone, but can reduce dental structural support and skin volume. This can result in thinning lips with less volume, surrounded by smaller vertical lip lines created through repetitive movement. Along with natural aging, the effects of sun damage, smoking and pursing the lips all contribute to the loss of volume, shape and vertical lines.

Fillers & Lip Augmentation Solutions within Melbourne

Our Melbourne clinics provide lip injection treatments such as lip fillers that will not only restore youthful contours and fullness to the area, but can create:

  • Aesthetic volume and projection
  • Enhanced shape and size
  • Replaced volume to thinner lips
  • Increased hydration for improved comfort

Enhancement Solutions

The Australian Laser & Skin Clinic provides a complete range of dermal filler solutions to address and treat all types of lip-related issues for long lasting and targeted results. All injectable lip injections are performed by registered nurses within our Melbourne clinics.

Dermal Fillers and Injections

Designed to add volume and create instantly fuller, firmer and more luscious lips, Dermal Fillers contain a hyaluronic acid based gel, a natural skin component that provides your complexion with natural fullness. The result is an instantly fuller, volumed and plump lip contour. This lip augmentation treatment may also be performed to increase skin hydration, providing ultra-moisturised and comfortable lips.

The Australian Laser & Skin Clinics offer a variety of Dermal Fillers and injections that create varying levels of volume depending on your own preferences, from natural to dramatic. Results last between three to twelve months. The treatment is safe and requires no downtime. Some patients may experience temporary redness or bruising at the site of injection, but these symptoms are not painful and pass quickly.

Lip enhancement maintenance sessions are required every three to twenty-four months, and a customised treatment plan by one of our registered nurses can be designed during an extensive skin consultation at one of our Melbourne clinics.


Results may vary from person to person.

Are Fillers Safe?

The ingredients within Dermal Fillers are similar to hyaluronic acid, which the body naturally produces, minimising the risk of allergic reactions. Australian Laser & Skin Clinics use Dermal Fillers that have been scientifically proven to be safe and effective. A large number of studies have been conducted, establishing its safety for cosmetic lip augmentation use. In addition to this, Dermal Fillers have been safely used in more than ten million treatments worldwide.

How do Lip Fillers Work?

Lip fillers are a gel that is injected using a very fine needle. The gel then blends with surrounding tissue, promoting nutritive elements such as oxygen and glucose to enter the area. This results in lips that are full and voluminous, with a natural and healthy appearance.

Each filler session can take thirty minutes, with immediate results. Redness and swelling near the injection site may be experienced, and other side effects including slight pain, itching and tenderness are also possible. Lips will usually return to normal one week after the enhancement session.

Enquire About Treatment and Lip Fillers Price

All of our dermal filler procedures are performed by medically trained professionals, making the Australian Laser & Skin Clinic a reliable choice. Call us today to enquire about our lip fillers price and discover how you can achieve instantaneous enhancement results at one of our Melbourne clinics.

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