What is it? What are causes/ symptoms and/or signs?

Scarring is caused by a particular pattern of healing in previously injured skin. If the wound involves the most superficial layers of the skin – the epidermis and superficial dermis – it may heal without scarring. If it is full thickness and involves the deep dermis, the skin will heal with scarring.

There are different types and degrees of scarring that can be treated with scar tissue removal:

  • Dark Scars and Light Scars – Scarring is a normal response from the skin when healing an injury with enough depth to extend into the dermis. Early scars are formed seven to ten days after injury and have only 5 to 10% of the skin’s normal breaking strength. Over six to twelve months, the wound remodels and a mature scar (which is either light or dark) can form on the skin.
  • Raised Scars – Some wounds heal abnormally and produce scar tissue that can make scarring more prominent. This excessive scar tissue is put into two categories:
    • Keloid Scars that tend to grow outside the border of the initial injury, and can become large, painful or itchy.
    • Hypertrophic Scars are raised but not to the same degree as keloid scars, they commonly occur on bendable areas of the skin (back, knees and elbows) and result from the stretching of wound edges while healing.
  • Indented Scars – Indented scars are the most common scar type and are most often seen on the face (where acne has been present). This is caused when not enough scar tissue has formed and therefore does not match up with the surrounding skin.

Treatment Solutions:

Skin Needling

Skin Needling is greatly recommended to assist in the treatment of most types of scarring on various parts of the body. Rejuvenating micro channels are formed in the skin that actively breaks up existing scar tissue. This encourages the production and distribution of new collagen that will work to build healthy, thicker and firmer skin in the scarred region. You will notice that the skin will be smoother and far more even.


Microdermabrasion is a suitable option to treat new or minimal scars. Combining mechanical exfoliation with a pressured vacuum Microdermabrasion very accurately smooths and refines mild, shallow scarring. The mechanical exfoliation provides a softened and clarified complexion whilst the vacuum assists in lymphatic drainage to promote a clearer and more evenly toned skin balance.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

LLLT is an effective, comfortable and proven procedure that treats scarring from within. Emitting a gentle beam to the scar LLLT naturally stimulates a healing response to promote cellular renewal and collagen production in the damaged tissue. LLLT provides a suitable option to treat old scarring of all grades.


Face Plus Cleansing$79$69
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