Plasma Pen

Plasma Pen

What is a Plasma Pen Skin Tightening Treatment?

Plasma Pen is a revolutionary non-surgical, skin lifting and tightening treatment. Plasma Pen treatments contract and tighten the surface skin tissue, creating immediate lift and dramatic skin tightening. By firstly rejuvenating the outer layer of skin – known as the epidermis, the Plasma Pen treatment replaces old skin cells with new ones, then stimulating collagen and elastin production and strengthening, plumping and lifting the facial structure.

What is Plasma?

Plasma is the fourth state of matter after the three states of matter that we are familiar with, solid, liquid and gas. Plasma is described as a “liquified gas” in which the electrons are stripped from atoms to form an ionised gas, in which ions are free to move.

Is it an invasive treatment?

Plasma treatments do not require any cutting of the skin and is much quicker than surgery as no general anaesthesia is required. Treatments can take between 20-30 minutes and there is minimal downtime, however, there can be small formations of scabs and slight swelling. With visible results after one treatment and a gradual improvement over a couple of weeks post treatment, it is no wonder why plasma treatments are highly sought-after!


How does the Plasma device work?

The treatment uses a hand help device which generates plasma where a visible smoke is produced, as a result of the sublimating process. Sublimation is the physical term for the shift from solid to gas. The device heats the dermis which begins to shed post treatment allowing new fresher skin to form. At the same time, new collagen begins to form. There is no formation of electricity and no thermal damage.

When will I start to see results after the treatment?

Many clients see results within a couple of days and then see a dramatic improvement to treated areas at six weeks. Full results are revealed in three months. Some clients may require up to 3 treatments to achieve desired results.

How long do these results last?

Results are designed to last for up to three years, so the Plasma Pen treatment is more cost effective and offers a much quicker recovery time than traditional surgical methods.

What is it used to treat?

Plasma Pen Skin Tightening is able to treat a number of imperfections It can be used for:

  • Eyelid Tightening, including lower eyelids and excess upper eyelid skin.
  • Skin imperfections, including skin tags and sunspots.
  • Improvement in the appearance of acne scars.
  • Diminishing stretch marks.
  • Tightening loose stomach skin after pregnancy.
  • Smoothing out lines and wrinkles.
  • Plasma face-lift and neck-lift.


Treatment Results

How much does it cost?

The price can vary depending on the area being treated and the amount of loose skin and the condition of the skin. For our price list CLICK HERE


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