SKINSTITUT - Starter Kit

SKINSTITUT - Starter Kit

With rejuvenating ingredients, rich in antioxidant vitamins and minerals for a healthy, glowing skin. Perfect for on-the-go, the gym, and travel.


1x L-Lactic Cleanser (50ml): Deeply hydrates and nourishes while reducing irritation and sensitivity. Rich in Goji Berry, Seaweed & Vitamin B it’s perfect for all skin types.

1x Glycolic Scrub 14% (50ml): Controlled skin exfoliation, it will help smooth and brighten your complexion!

1 x Multi-active Mist (100ml): Improves skin radiance, texture and tone and increases general resistance to daily stress.

1 x Age Defence SPF 50+ (75ml): Protects against dehydration and premature ageing, it’s deeply hydrating the perfect moisturiser for every day.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

L-Lactic Cleanser: Lactic Acid, Goji Berry, Seaweed, Vitamins B & E
Glycolic Scrub: Glycolic, Jojaba 
Multi-active Mist: Vitamin B3, Ginseng, Green Tea, Licorice Root
Age Defence SPF 50+: Vitamin B3 & Antioxidants
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