Nicholas 20 – Keilor Downs

As a male teenager going through puberty it wasn’t easy. I knew it was normal to develop acne until it started to get out of control and realising how much I had compare to others my age.

Acne began taking over my life, I was fed up with letting my skin concerns reflect on my mood and self esteem. It brought my confidence down and made me very self conscious to even leave my house as I was embarrassed about my appearance in public.

My pimples caused a lot of pain, discomfort and inflammation which made them very noticeable.

After suffering with severe acne for 6 months and being embarrassed to go to a clinic I knew that it was the best option for me, so I built the courage to visit Australian Laser & Skin Clinics where I was able to admit how unhappy I was about my skin. The staff were all great, very helpful and were determined to get my skin clear.

The journey began when I had my first Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peel which had an amazing affect on my skin within just a few days. I was then booked in on a regular basis to monitor my skin. Throughout this process my results started to plateau but we didn’t give up there.

They then began Skin Needling on my face, followed by cold laser treatments which I noticed great results instantly. With all the staffs knowledge in home care and experience in clinic treatments my skin was then on the road to recovery. This experience not only helped clear my skin it also brought my self esteem up and made me a happier person on the inside and out.. Thanks to Australian Laser & Skin Clinics for all the great support and results throughout my journey. – Nicholas

*Before & after images have not been altered in any way. The client videos and testimonials used for the Get Real campaign are authentic and unscripted.


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