Though it’s important to have any unusual lesions checked out by a medical professional to ensure they don’t change form over time, a benign mole or beauty spot is unlikely to pose a health risk. Moles are typically round or oval in shape and are often symmetrical. Whether it’s a flat mole or a raised mole, they tend to be just one shade, often brown or skin coloured, and will have clearly defined borders unlike more sinister spots on the body. People utilise Cryotherapy for scarless mole removal for cosmetic purposes only, as they typically require no treatment for health reasons.


Cryotherapy delivers a fine, targeted, ultra-cold mist (temperature -89 degrees Celsius) of nitrous oxide gas at a high pressure to effortlessly and painlessly treat a variety of unwanted skin lesions. The pinpoint accuracy of a cryo pen provides greater precision and comfort (compared with liquid nitrogen therapy), creating greater treatment versatility and scarless results for body and facial mole removal. Treatments are fast, comfortable and effective for imperfections found on facial and body skin, making it the perfect treatment for freezing a beauty spot or mole.

The longer the mist is sprayed onto a lesion with the cryo pen, the deeper the absorption and active penetration. Multi-treatment tips enable versatile precision to treat a variety of lesion sizes and depths. Unlike traditional Cryotherapy, the tip does not directly touch the lesion. This enables far greater comfort, accelerated healing and a more precise delivery system. The nitrous oxide treats damaged tissue by freezing inter cellular fluid, helping to speed up the removal of skin tags, moles and other skin concerns. The Cryotherapy mole removal cost is also affordable, making body or facial mole removal for multiple lesions feasible for more people.


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5sq mm$85 ea$80 ea$75 ea$65 ea
7sq mm$92 ea$87 ea$82 ea$72 ea
10sq mm$99 ea$94 ea$89 ea$79 ea
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