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Successful Mole Removal Options that Deliver Results

Successful Mole Removal Options that Deliver Results

What are moles?

A mole or beauty mark, also known as a nevus or nevi for plural, refer to common, benign lesions on the skin. Moles can form on any area of the face or body. Typically, moles are smaller than 5mm, and contrary to popular belief, moles can be both flat or raised. They range in colour from skin tone to brown or black, and some moles may even grow one or several hairs.

Typically, moles do not pose any medical issues and rarely develop into skin cancer. However, they may be an aesthetic concern or become irritated if they are in an area of friction, such as under the bra line.

At Australian Laser & Skin Clinics, we offer cosmetic mole removal Melbourne wide in our modern facilities, where we will safely remove your facial or body mole with minimal downtime.

How do moles form?

There are many types of moles, but they can be characterised by their shape, colour or when they first appear in an individual’s life.

Congenital nevi are present from birth, and acquired nevi usually develop in the first four decades of life; it is rare to develop moles after this. Although genetics may play a role in how many moles you will acquire, the average adult has 10 to 40 moles on their body.

Sun exposure, genetics, immune suppressant drugs and fair skin are some of the causative factors for developing moles on the face and body. Moles develop when an overproduction (hyperplasia) of pigmented cells (melanocytes) are formed into clusters. These clusters sit in the layer of skin known as the dermis.

Are moles dangerous?

While moles may appear sinister to the untrained eye, they are rarely of a medical concern. However, non-typical moles can imitate or form into skin cancer such as melanoma. It is unknown why this occurs.

Individuals that have many moles should have them checked by their skin cancer certified general practitioner or specialist on a regular basis. The lesions will be looked at carefully with a magnified instrument called a dermatoscope and analysed for suspicious characteristics.

Regular self-skin checks of your face and body are an important step in recognising changes to existing moles and the development of new moles. If you notice that any mole or beauty mark, raised or flat, has changed in colour, shape, size or texture, we recommend that you visit your medical professional for further assessment.

Prior to a cosmetic mole removal treatment at Australian Laser & Skin Clinics, we request that you have your moles checked by a specialist and provide us with a printed medical certificate to ensure the safe and effective treatment of your unwanted moles.

How can moles be treated?

If your mole is small, pigmented and flat, then it is possible to remove with one of our medical grade lasers or IPL devices.

Laser and IPL selectively destroy and remove unwanted moles by application of photon energy. Laser and IPL energy is attracted to the pigment (melanin) in the lesion, which is absorbed into the mole and converts the energy to heat. The heat of the laser energy disperses the cluster of pigmented cells (melanocytes) and breaks them into smaller particles. These small particles are either engulfed by the immune cells and removed by the lymphatic system or moved upwards to the superficial layers of the skin to form a small scab, eventually falling off.

Cryotherapy is another medical grade treatment for facial and body moles that is performed at Australian Laser & Skin Clinics. Cryotherapy utilises extreme cold temperatures (-91C) to remove selected lesions by creating ice crystals within the cell wall. When the pigmented cells (melanocytes) are treated for long enough, they are destroyed beyond repair and will be removed by the body’s immune cells or form a scab similar to laser.

Laser, IPL and Cryotherapy are all fast, effective and minimally invasive mole and beauty mark treatments. Some discomfort is normal during the treatment. Your experienced therapist will ensure that you are as comfortable as possible throughout your treatment.

How quickly will I recover from mole removal?

The recovery time of mole removal will depend on the type of procedure, the size of the area and your individual healing capabilities.

It is normal to experience minor pain and swelling around the site of removal following the procedure. Redness may persist for 24 hours to several days, and in some instances, a small scab may form. It is important not to pick or scratch the area and to allow the scab to fall off on its own.

We also recommend that you keep the area covered and protect it from sun exposure for several weeks, or until it is fully healed. A broad-spectrum SPF of 30+ should be worn on the face and body to help pigmentation changes and further scar tissue from forming.

Your professional therapist will discuss the healing considerations and home care steps to ensure the best outcome for you following your cosmetic mole removal treatment.

Will my mole grow back?

One mole removal treatment is often enough to remove the mole permanently. In some instances, you may require up to three treatments to ensure the destruction of all selected pigmented cells in the deeper layers of skin.

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