Low Level Laser Therapy


Whilst many of us associate Lasers with Star Wars movies or hair removal, not all Lasers are designed to cause destruction or heat. Low Level Laser Therapy (also known as Cold Laser) is a specialised laser with controlled light wave lengths to painlessly stimulate, accelerate, normalise and balance skin function. Unlike the lasers used for permanent hair removal, Low Level Laser Therapy offers a host of skin, muscle and pain relief benefits for long term correction and maintenance. As Low Level Laser Therapy , cold laser, also does not generate any heat, it can be used on every skin type, colour and condition for customised and precision results. No preparation with products required!

Light has the power to activate and create many biological effects – when it hits the retina in our eyes, a chemical reaction is produced allowing us to see. When sunlight hits our skin it stimulates the synthesis of vitamin D but can also activate our pigment cells creating a tan to guard us against UV. LILT filters light to specific healing wavelengths to activate a photo-chemical response within the skin and surrounding tissue (such as muscles and ligaments) that enhances healing, repair and optimised integrity. Low Level Laser Therapy has been successfully used medically for over 50 years and was originally designed to treat the effects of cancerous and sun damaged skin. Now Low Level Laser Therapy is used to re-create effects similar to acupuncture or a visit to a physiotherapist.

As the low level laser light is absorbed by the communication hub of cells, energy and rejuvenation become activated synthesising DNA, structural proteins and stimulating nutrient rich microcirculation. As a result, stem cells and healing white blood cells are mobilised, promoting the re-building, re-structuring and repairing process. Youth-energising collagen and elastin fibres are triggered and stimulated further enhancing skin integrity, volume and density. Ligaments and muscles become oxygenated and stimulated to increase repair and reduce chronic pain.

The normalising and immune-building effects of Low Level Laser Therapy enable the treatment and management of skin conditions including eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and rosacea. Low Level Laser Therapy may also be used on chronically inflamed, sensitised and reactive conditions including acne, post-operative, sun burnt and irritated skin. With cumulative therapy, redness is diffused, heat reduced, swelling diminished and discomfort decreased. The healing effects of Low Level Laser Therapy may also be used to treat viral or auto-immune conditions including cold sores, shingles, scleroderma and lupus.

Low Level Laser Therapy has is also commonly used in Sport’s Medicine for treatment of arthritis, acute and chronic muscular or ligament pain. This allows for greater flexibility, recovery and comfort.



(Treatment performed by Senior Therapist  Jess at Reservoir Clinic)


IMAGE BEFORE – Hands out stretched at maximum.

IMAGE AFTER  1- Hands outstretched and relaxed.

IMAGE AFTER 2 – Photo that patient sent from home, showing excess skin as a result of reduction in swelling.

Before Treatment:

  • Patient could not stretch out his hands
  • Significantly impaired mobility
  • Severe swelling
  • Severe pain
  • Chronic condition

After 2 x Low Level Laser Therapy Treatments:

  • Swelling dramatically reduced
  • Can stretch out hands
  • Complete return of mobility to hands
  • Pain almost completely gone




As Low Level Laser Therapy activates an organic repair response, treatment programmes vary patient to patient. For the treatment of skin conditions, Low Level Laser Therapy can effortlessly be combined with many other procedures to increase results and healing. Cold laser treatments require no formal preparation are painless and comfortable with no downtime. Whilst an initial course may require more frequent treatment, maintenance may be performed at monthly intervals or incorporated as part of combination therapies.

Low Level Laser Therapy technology offers various settings that enable the simultaneous treatment of skin and muscular conditions. Immediately following treatment, the area instantly feels more comfortable with visible redness significantly reduced and calmed.

Cold laser therapy goes just beyond skin care to deliver a total body solution.


By: Andrew R. Christie

Beauty & Skin Industry Specialist

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