What is Dermapen?

The most advanced form of facial skin needling, Dermapen pen needling technology uses electronically charged automation with an ergonomic oscillating wand. The vibrating effect increases procedural comfort whilst creating tiny rejuvenating channels as it manoeuvres across the skin. The convertible speed motor and adjustable treatment depths allow for targeted precision that treats multiple skin concerns within the one session. Pen needling treats and successfully reduces the appearance of facial ageing, wrinkle, scar tissue, stretch marks and pigmentation. As with all skin needling procedures, a course of treatment is recommended to sustain long term results and a visible skin solution.

How it works

Dermapen treatments create minute fractional channels into the skin’s surface. This triggers an organic healing cascade encouraging natural skin healing, renewal and repair. The skin’s processes are progressively strengthened and normalised promoting intensive regeneration. During the treatment a slight sting and vibrating effect can be felt as the pen glides over the skin. Unlike other methods of skin needling, pen technology is comfortable with procedural time complete in around 15 minutes. The ergonomic pen is able to treat all contours and hard-to-reach areas on the face including the under-eyes and upper lip. Post-treatment, the skin feels and looks like mild sunburn with redness lasting up to 2 days*.

What it can treat

Dermapen treatments remain the number 1 procedure to induce new collagen production. Fine lines, wrinkles, sagging contours and tired looking skin are visibly plumped and rejuvenated. Pen needling also provides the most effective treatment for all types of scar tissue including acne, pock marks, hypertrophic and ice pick. Damaged tissue is replaced with fresh collagen deposition to reduce the appearance of indentations and uneven skin texture. Needling also provides an effective solution for hyper pigmentation and age spots, especially for darker tones. The pen-sized wand allows for efficient treatment of the entire facial and neck area. The under-eyes, corners of the nose, brow bone, upper-lip and under the chin are effortlessly reached.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Dermapen treatment hurt?

Unlike other methods of needling, the oscillating motor featured with pen technology dissipates nerve receptors allowing for painless and comfortable treatment. Over 1300 rejuvenating channels are created per second allowing for rapid and targeted results. For more intensive needling procedures, an anaesthetic cream may be applied 30 minutes prior to treatment. This reduces any sensitivity or discomfort; all that is felt is a mild vibrating sensation with light pressure. After the treatment, the skin will feel warm and slightly tight, similarly to that of light sunburn. This feeling will progressively reduce over a 2 day time period.

Are there any side effects?

Pen technology allows for effortless facial needling with minimal side effects and down time. Fractional skin treatment ensures the skin’s integrity is never compromised, with any scabbing, bruising or burn risk. The appearance of petechiae or small blood blisters is common around areas of thinner skin quality especially around the crow’s feet and under-eyes. These are perfectly normal and usually disappear within 3-4 days. The skin will feel and look slightly red for up to 3 days post- treatment with Dermapen. This may be accompanied by a feeling of tightness the appearance of slight flaking. The application of a light moisturiser and sunscreen will increase comfort and reduce inflammation. A non-occlusive mineral make-up may be used to conceal any redness.

When will I start to see improvement / how many treatments?

A course of Dermapen treatments are recommended to deliver and sustain long lasting skin correction and results. A professional skin consultation will determine the best course of action and number of treatments required. As a guide, 3-4 treatment*s are recommended for ageing and wrinkles, 6-8 treatments* for scar reduction and up to 8 treatments* for stretch marks. Needling sessions are performed at 6-8* weekly intervals to deliver cumulative and effective results. As needling triggers the skin’s natural healing mechanisms, visible improvement will appear around 2-4 weeks* post-procedure. The repair cascade may continue for up to 24 months* after just 1 treatment*. Multiple sessions provide progressive stimulation to further enhance results and longevity. Find out more about Dermapen before & after tips.

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DISCLAIMER: *Results may vary from person to person.

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As pen needling utilises non-thermolytic (without heat) technology and does not destroy the skin’s integrity, it may be performed on almost every skin type, condition and colour. Whilst it is not mandatory to prepare the skin with any specific products, those complexions which are affected by pigmentation or excessive sun-damage are recommended to use topical pigment-blockers such as vitamin C in conjunction with a sunscreen daily. Dermapen treatments cannot be performed on skin has recently been sunburnt, damaged or experiencing aggressive cystic acne.

It is imperative that all skins are protected with daily application of a sunscreen after any needling treatment. For the relief of redness, inflammation or swelling, a cooling gel will provide rapid calm and comfort. Any tightness or flaking may be relieved with the application of a light, non-comedogenic moisturiser applied twice daily. During recovery, the use of scrubs or active ingredients such as vitamin A or AHAs should be stopped for a minimum of 5 days. Any redness or petechiae (blood blisters) may be easily concealed with a mineral make-up during recovery. It is recommended to avoid high-cardio workouts and any activities that may cause heat or sweat for a minimum of 48 hours post-Dermapen treatment. Normal activities including work may be resumed immediately with no downtime required.

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