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Cosmetic Injections For Men On The Rise

Cosmetic Injections For Men On The Rise


Cosmetic injections for men are becoming a growing part of the industry. Rather than female counterparts who often want to look younger, sexier or more flawless, men simply want to look less tired. This desire to appear more refreshed (be it in the boardroom or on the footy field) has created a specialised niche market that delivers skin awakening results without the tell-tale signs of looking ‘worked’ or ‘cosmetically enhanced’.

If you have been asked any of the following questions by friends, colleagues or family, then you are the perfect candidate for a skin revival:

  • Are you really tired or stressed?
  • Did you have a big night last night?
  • Are you angry about something?
  • How old are you again?

Cosmetic injections such as wrinkle reduction or dermal fillers are not about creating a permanent poker face, it is about softening lines and smoothing age damage to create a fresher, yet natural appearance. The most areas treated include crow’s feet, glabella (the two tram track marks between the eyebrows) and forehead lines. Rather than ‘freezing’ these areas restricting any mobility, smaller doses of anti-wrinkle injections allow for targeted precision without the look of being overdone. In short, lines are softened, not completely removed. Unlike certain cricketers (who shall remain unnamed), results should be natural, still allow movement, remove signs of fatigue and create a more rested appearance. No plumped up lips, no exploding cheeks and no frozen looks – think a fresher, more awake and ‘I just returned from the Bahamas’ look.

Men possess stronger facial muscles than women, so creating a refreshed look is not about using less product – it is about product placement and understanding facial anatomy. When treating the brow area, the risk of product misplacement can create an arched effect, feminising the face in the process. Focussing on the glabella (the scowl lines between the eyebrows) softens the middle forehead region and removes any ‘angry’ look without changing the shape of the brows and still enabling natural movement. Facial muscular anatomy is not an easy science. The Glabella region is not just one muscle, but three: Corrugator, Depresser and Procerus, so balance and technique are just as important as product placement.

Treating the crow’s feet and under-eye bags requires a dual approach. The use of a muscle relaxant injection treats mimic lines formed by squinting at a computer and not wearing sunglasses whilst driving. Under eye bags, demarcations and lines can subtly be treated with dermal filler. With results lasting up to 9 months, the eye area appears instantly refreshed, awakened and naturally alert.

With the summer period approaching, ensuring long lasting results can be as simple as the daily use of a sunscreen. A matte SPF 50 not only protects against harmful UV rays, but lightly moisturisers the skin reducing the appearance of shaving rash, redness and dullness. Your secret will always be safe.




By: Andrew R. Christie

Beauty & Skin Industry Specialist



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