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Whilst this may be a time of self-discovery and making your first impressions with work, study and true love, our 20’s is often a confused time for our skin. With teenage breakouts and acne often lingering, trying to achieve complexion balance is one of the biggest skin challenges. As we develop into our late 20s, our youthful resilience and ability to bounce back become impaired. Late nights, partying, long work hours and a hefty social calendar can contribute to dehydration, dullness and dark under-eye circles. Heed the advice of any skin elder and ensure that the daily application of a moisturising SPF becomes the first step to preserve your skin. There are no second chances here. Rebalance oil, banish breakouts and reduce dullness with the daily application of a mild BHA product. Salicylic acid is the key winner. For the ultimate in professional skin treatment, you can’t go past regular microdermabrasion sessions.


Ah, the folly of our youthful ways finally catches up. Hormonal imbalances of a different kind (and a childhood spent lying in the sun) contribute to the formation of pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Despite the good intent of always washing our make-up off before bed, the first signs of wrinkles begin to appear around the eyes, between the brows and on the forehead. Long work hours, family commitments, screaming children and trying to juggle an active social life can play havoc on the complexion. The more tired you feel, the more tired you look. Thank goodness you listened to good advice and still continue to wear a sunscreen daily. A more even-toned and uniform complexion is yours for the taking with tropically applied vitamin C, B3 and liquorice reducing the appearance of pigmentation whilst preventing further problems. Whilst your collagen cells are still active, now is time to invest in stimulating peels to re-activate and re-energise. Seeking more intervention? A wrinkle reduction injection can remain your complexion secret.


Things seemed to have slowed down on the skin front. Whilst hormonal imbalances and breakouts have probably been sorted out, the signs of premature ageing slowly develop into established ageing.  Despite every intention to look like your parents, you notice how your crow’s feet look similar to your mother’s and how your face shape bears an eerie resemblance to your dad’s. Intervention and interruption are key to reclaim youthful vitality and contours. Noticing how your skin feels perpetually parched and thirsty, it’s time to administer one big skin drink and shake up slackened function. Vitamin A is the ultimate in skin correctives. It targets all forms of damage and works to reverse, prevent and repair for a younger-looking future. Hyaluronic Acid is the ultimate skin hydrator and holds 1000 times its own weight in water. A good moisturiser (rich in hyaluron and potent antioxidants) in combination with an active A serum are skin care essentials for the 40s. Collagen Induction Therapy is one powerful skin weapon that serves to re-activate tired function, surging the skin with intensive collagen and hydration renewal.


50 is the new 30 and established signs of wrinkles, loss of volume and sagging are strictly ‘verboten’. Whilst work commitments, family, love and friends still remain a keen priority, so is preserving a younger looking skin. If you have not tired a little injection or more, now is the perfect time to explore dermal fillers and their instantly plumping and rejuvenating effect. Gone are the days of plastic faces and taut, immobile complexions. Techniques these days offer completely natural results creating a rested, more vibrant and energised effect. Not ready to venture down this path? Low level laser therapy and Collagen Induction Therapy activates your own collagen army to fight the ageing battle. The skin becomes cumulatively firmer, lifted and re-contoured with better tone and hydration. Invest in a decent moisturiser rich in vitamin A, C and peptides to restore precious moisture and to comfort dry, sun-damaged conditions. Daily sunscreen is still a must. Instantly take 5 years off by avoiding heavy or cakey foundation. By skipping powder altogether, radiance, luminosity and glow are effortlessly renewed.





By: Andrew R. Christie

Beauty & Skin Industry Specialist


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